VIP BESTIES CLUB - Join the club and enjoy the rewards!

What is the VIP Besties Club?

  • handpicked group of parents that test and review Mom’s Besty new products 

  • hub for exclusive promotions, private offers and super discounts for Mom’s Besty products


Why was the Club created?

  • We believe that extensive research, lab testing and quality control don’t even come close to the experience of real parents in real life situations and we want to hear from you, our genuine customers. Your opinions and your suggestions make us better.


Am I going to be barraged by daily sales-pitch emails and marketing newsletters?

  • No, don't worry, we hate SPAM too. You'll only hear from us 5-6 times a year when we develop a new Mom’s Besty product for you to test or when we offer a really irresistible promotion (50% off or more)


Is the participation in new product testing mandatory?

  • No, what we email you is an invitation and your participation is at your own discretion


What’s in it for me for signing up?

  • You'll have the opportunity to give your unbiased opinion, keep the product that you test, get year-round access to close guarded discounts and promotions; you will also receive a 10% off coupon for Mom’s Besty products and our ‘Home Baby Proofing Checklist’ absolutely free.


VIP Besties Club

Join the Club and enjoy the rewards!

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